Chinese double SIM phone sells out in three minutes

It’s early days yet, but for our cash, the most exciting telephones established so far this year are the Xiaomi Mi Note and Mi Note Pro (no offence, LG G Flex 2).

Xiaomi is no stranger to flash sales, where it generally sells out in and sets small amounts of telephones upwards for sale – as its name suggests – a flash.

Back in 2013 we discovered that Xiaomi had changed a whopping 200,000 telephones in three minutes, though Taiwan’s Fair Trade Commission has formerly levied fines for Xiaomi misleading customers with “hunger sale” approaches.

Still! That has not ceased Xiaomi going flash sale mad with the just-declared Mi Note, selling an undisclosed amount of components in time that was outrageous quick. The sale began at noon and was closed by 12.03pm.

via: GizmoChina