Windows 10 release date: ‘summer’, Xiaomi to help with testing meantime

Windows 10 is still being tweaked in the instant, but we have been told – unofficially – to brace for the first Windows 10 apparatus in or around August.


For instance, should you would like to get pedantic, summer here isn’t summer in Australia, naturally, but it is probably reasonable to say we are discussing July, June or August for the Windows 10 release date – or maybe even September, depending on your own definition.

Lenovo is unsurprisingly mentioned alongside Chinese and Tencent internet security men, as a Windows 10 partner Qihu 360, but one name we did not always expect to hear was Xiaomi.

Xiaomi has allegedly stressed that it is not always “partnering” with Microsoft, and there is no reference of Xiaomi Windows 10 cellphones at this period, but it seems like MS might start some kind of Windows 10 Android ROM. Interdasting.