Windows 10 launches July 29th, Windows 8.1 users able to reserve the upgrade now

After months of being told it would arrive at some point in the summer, Microsoft have official confirmed that Windows 10 will be launching on July 29th. As previously confirmed, anyone with a copy of Windows 7 or 8 will be able to upgrade to Windows 10 for free during the first 12 months of Windows 10′s release. Additionally, it appears that users of Windows 8.1 are getting pop-ups allowing them to reserve their upgrade, which will be pushed to them as soon as it is available. If you haven’t had it yet, don’t worry – it will happen at some point today, but if you’re really interested in forcing the pop-up to appear we’ve got a helpful way to do so. Hit the jump to find out how.

Here’s how to do it, courtesy of KyleGM on HUKD:

Open Control Panel
Open Administrative Tools
Open Task Scheduler
Expand on the left “Task Scheduler Library”
Expand Microsoft
Expand Windows
Scroll down and Expand Setup
Click the folder “GWXTriggers”
On the far right is a bunch of options Click “Run”