Three to introduce mid-contract price increases

Worrying news emerged yesterday, as it was discovered that network operator Three will be be introducing mid-contract price increases. All contracts that have been made from May 29th onwards will feature this price hike, with the first changes appearing on consumer bills in May 2016. The move goes against Three’s stance from last year, where they stated that monthly rates would remain as they are for the duration of a contract.

Despite guidelines issued by OfCom last year which aimed to stop mid-contract hikes happening, there is in fact a clause included that allows for this to happen. It’s all thanks to the Retail Price Index, which measures the change in the cost of a representative sample of retail goods and services. This is what Three will be basing their increases on, taking the RPI from February 2016 and applying it to all contracts in May later that year.

Considering how the takeover of O2 is going ahead, along with the recent report that consumers are paying millions more for their handsets than they need to, the future is looking rather expensive for Three customers. Let’s just hope that this isn’t also an uncomfortable glimpse at the future for customers with other networks as well, especially at a time where mobile contracts are continuing to fail us (courtesy of Bitter Wallet.)

[Via ISPreview]