Sony’s Smartband SWR10 can now be purchased for GBP19.95 Delivered Argos

Sony's Smartband SWR10 can now be bought for £19.95 Delivered Argos

Purchase a Sony Smartband SWR10 for GBP19.95 delivered at Argos

It’s possible for you to monitor several different occasions that happen during your day as well as night. Log pedometer functions together with your sleep routine, calorie cost, photograph shooting, music. See here to learn more on the abilities of the Sony Smartband SWR10. Regrettably Windows and iOS based mobiles are incompatible by it. Reviews are favorable and I need to say that for GBP19.95, I believe it is a no brainer. Particularly if you are starting out and wish to give a go to this kind of technology that is wearable without spending a small fortune.

Because of rucra27 @HUKD for the tip!