Samsung Mobile: back to the drawing board

Samsung Mobile: back to the drawing board

We were saying only yesterday while its South Korean cousin, Samsung, is fighting to hold onto that top place amid cutthroat competition that LG is having a wonderful old time in smartphones right now.

Regrettably for Samsung, there is nobody remarkable difficulty here; and thus no remarkable option that is going to put matters right.

Truly, consumers seem to be holding onto their handsets more than 12 months.

Also, Samsung’s strategy looks increasingly muddled – and that is actually saying something, considering the business’s result over recent years, with an array of baffling Core and Plus forms (Plus frequently denoting a worse phone).

As though two superior handsets per year was not enough, we currently have the Alpha/A-series to argue with, those handsets allegedly indicating “the evolution of Galaxy design”, but with arguably mid range specs. What the…?

We’ll simply reform our merchandise portfolio.”

Obviously, there is nothing particular to go on yet, but given the recent performance of Samsung, you will forgive us for staying cynical about the South Koreans overruling their ailing fortunes.