Samsung files brands for Galaxy E3, Galaxy J3, J5, J7

If you were fighting to steadfastly keep up with Samsung’s many, many midrange (give or take) smartphones, matters are going to get a great deal more complicated.

Oh great lord.

If you care, you can check ‘em outside here: 1, 2, 3, 4.

To be honest, we were fighting to keep on top of merely five similar cellphones, and that’s the reason why I put together Samsung Galaxy A3 vs. Galaxy A5 vs. Galaxy A7 vs. Galaxy E5 vs. Galaxy E7: spec comparison (free table in!).

If there was any uncertainty the cellphones are needlessly complicated, let us consider the Samsung Galaxy A7 vs. Samsung Galaxy E7. The former has higher resolution and a faster cpu, but smaller battery than its not-so-distant relative.

Oh, and not forgetting the forthcoming Samsung Galaxy J1!

It comes as no surprise, considering all this on board, that Samsung’s slide is anticipated to continue throughout 2015.