Report: LG to take on Galaxy Note 5 in H2 with LG G Note phablet

While every maker and his dog has had a go at the “phablet” thing, it is still broadly accepted that the Samsung Galaxy Note is king of such specific realm, and necessarily the Galaxy Note 5 will take the crown when it found at IFA 2015 in September.

The very first LG Optimus G Pro was established in February 2013, and had what appeared at the time a substantial 5.5in screen, fitting – by the way – the Galaxy Note 2.

The 5.5in LG G3 appeared merely a few months afterwards, and that was the ending of that.

Possibly chiming with this particular narrative, a cryptic LG apparatus (LS770) destined for Sprint was outed before this week (PhoneArena), with a 5.8in screen and reference of a stylus. It is not clear if it will be a high end device only yet, but could it be the LG G Note?

Lots more on the LG G Note in the forthcoming weeks, necessarily.