Oppo N3 found with 16MP motorised camera, Oppo R5 is world’s narrowest smartphone

Oppo N3 launches with 16MP motorised camera, Oppo R5 is world’s thinnest smartphone

While the Oppo N1 introduced the idea of a single camera performance as both front and back snapper through the magic of spinning, the Oppo N3 goes one step farther with motorised turning.

Not quite top of the range as far as the newest batch of smartphones goes, but we are certain it will be more than able.

There is also 32GB internal storage, along with a fingerprint scanner that was back, because, y’know, gotta have that fingerprint scanner in 2014.

As the Oppo R5, again, it is the new world’s narrowest smartphone for, but not quite the rumoured 4mm thin. To be honest, that would’ve been totally absurd (visualize the 3.5mm headphone interface). Instead, it quantifies a much more practical 4.85mm.

Naturally, Oppo is just one of the few Chinese producers to make any tangible improvement in the west.

When it comes to cost, the Oppo N3 will set you back $649 (about GBP400), while the Oppo R5 comes in at 9 (around £310).