Hunger for iPhone 6 grows as supply starts to match demand

One might’ve expected demand for the iPhone 6 to wane after the initially craze, and really that belief is backed up historically with preceding iPhones.

But nope! Peeps be famished for that large old chap, with a survey implying that demand is actually growing. And great time, also, as Apple eventually seems to possess the supply to fulfill that demand.

Particularly, 33% of folks intended to purchase an iPhone 6 within three months of its own launch – that was only before the thing was really declared.

That amount grew to 37% promptly following the iPhone 6 was really started, so certainly consumers were not put off by the size. Or maybe some were, but more were not – if that makes sense.

Now let us all listen to Supply and Demand by The Hives (YouTube).

via: Apple Insider