Huawei on Windows Phone: it is too difficult to discern

One of the important difficulties Windows Phone has right now is convincing anyone beyond Microsoft – notably large names like Samsung, HTC and LG – to create cellphones.

Top-5 smartphone maker Huawei is not interested either, saying it is way too difficult to make Windows Phones stand out.

Huawei Device man Shao Yang, following a unique briefing on Huawei’s home jurisdiction in Shenzhen was cornered by TechRadar.

Clarifies Yang. “On Android you can have a very different character.”

Android continues: “it is challenging to actually discern between Huawei and other makers [with Windows Phone]. Android is a better alternative for us.”

But with Microsoft/Nokia flooding the Windows Phone market with innumerable Lumia cellphones from entry level to main, it is clear why Huawei would decide to stand aside – at least for now,.

Meanwhile, Huawei’s Android cellphones are smothered with their exceptional Emotion UI, which helps them stick out from the likes of Samsung et al.

With Apple and Samsung still ruling the smartphone roost, Huawei is furiously fighting with Lenovo, Xiaomi and LG /Motorola for third place. sniff*