Facebook Groups iOS review

Facebook Groups iOS reviewI have written fairly extensively about Facebook – in particular Facebook apps – here on Mobot, most recently in A trifecta of terribleness, a rambling attribute covering the various irksome attributes of Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, not to mention basic old Facebook.

Rather astonishingly, there is now a third prong to the Facebook program assault (WhatsApp being completely separate), together with the debut of Facebook Groups. What the…?

Unlike Facebook Messenger, you do not have to use Facebook Groups on your mobile; the functionality still exists within the primary program, though the same could once be said of Messenger, so it is likely just an issue of time.

Anyway! Legitimate question: What are Facebook Groups?

I got a Facebook Group for my group, for instance, permitting us to post and share content (graphics from gigabytes, video footage, etc) in our own small space, independent from our Facebook Page (upper case ‘P’), the latter being for public consumption.

Facebook Groups iOS review

Oh! And in an awesome feature I have only this minute detected, you can add Groups that are individual to your homescreen. Fine.

Generally, as it stands, Facebook Groups is arguably sorta moot. But it appears to tell the truth, and great, we are vain like that, so it is not a whole calamity in our eyes.


  • Appears tasty
  • Place individual telling settings for every Facebook app
  • See who is online at a glimpse
  • You do not have to use it (for now)


  • No Photo Albums, no Search
  • No Events, no Files
  • It’ merely an alluring Facebook Messenger for the time being

Outline: Facebook Groups is – I need to acknowledge – astonishingly adequate for a Facebook program.

Programmer: Facebook

Cost: free @ App Store

Compatibility: Requires iOS 7.0 or after. Compatible with iPad iPhone, and iPod touch.

Facebook Groups iOS review