Guaranted Contract Phones for Bad Credit

Do you want to get a guaranteed contract phone with bad credit, no credit check, no deposit or visa electron? Do you have a bad credit history and want to get a pay monthly mobile phone? Or you are searching contract phones without any credit check for a guaranteed approval? Or you want to pay no deposit for your contract phone? We have all the answers here. ShopSpree is the UK’s ultimate guide to shopping online for contract phones.

TIP: Your chances of approval for a contract phone will be much higher if you apply via these links (you must try all the links one by one and then come to this page and follow the tip 3) and choose a cheaper/low end mobile phone and those contract phone plans with higher upfront costs are approved better

You must use BOTH LINKS and then come to this page if you are still not approved and follow the tip 3)

TIP: If you are rejected by those 2, no other networks will approve you, believe us! So GET A SIM ONLY CONTRACT EASILY AT BELOW LINKS & AFTER 3 MONTHS OF PAYING FOR YOUR SIM ONLY CONTRACT, YOU CAN UPGRADE TO CONTRACT (This is a less known fact, you just need to wait to gain trust of the network…)  

Get Guaranteed Contract Mobile Phones with Bad Credit?

Mobile Contract Phones for Bad Credit

If you are looking for contract phones with bad credit, we again strongly advise you to apply for a contract mobile at Vodafone Online Shop which has highest approval for bad credit mobile phone contract applications in the UK.

Guaranteed Contract Phones

Getting a guaranteed mobile contract is not so easy, but we have seen one of the mobile phone shops to be approving many applications.

Contract Phones with No Credit Checks

If you are looking for contract phones with no credit checks, we strongly advise you to apply for a contract mobile at the contract mobile shops above which have highest approval.

Contract Phones with No Deposit

You are asked to pay a deposit to get your free contract phone? Check the phone shop links above and you will see that it is less likely to be required a deposit to have your free phone.

Contract Phones with Visa Electron

Using visa electron card in getting a pay monthly mobile phone contract may be a real hassle. Not all phone shows accept visa electron as a form of payment or credit check, as it normally implies a poor credit history.

When applying for contract phones for a free mobile phone pay monthly plan, many of us face various issues. For example, some mobile shops don’t accept visa electron or solo card and some hardly approve anyone with a bad credit history or they ask a deposit to approve you for a free contract phone. So, those consumers are looking for a contract phone offer with no credit check or deposit. Or in some other cases, we want contract phone package to have some special features that might be difficult to find.

You can get any of these mobile phones in pay monthly plans: HTC Desire, HTC Desire HD, HTC Wildfire, Blackberry Curve 8520, Samsung Galaxy S, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, Motorola DEFY, Sony Ericsson S500i, Samsung G800, Samsung i600.

Contract phones with free gifts is another category we constantly update. Because, we know that many customers want to have free laptop, netbook, xbox, psp or even cashback while accepting a contract phone deal. Therefore, we also listed the mobile phone providers which offer free gifts.